Pretty Brides from Russia

You have probably heard stories from friends or on the Internet about successful marriages of people from different countries who met on dating sites. It sounds crazy, but there are a lot of such couples in the world. Men use the services of specialized agencies to find a wife because they can’t find the ideal candidate in their country. Russian mail order bride are the most popular request among Americans, Canadians, and Europeans.


What do dating sites offer? What is the price of their services? How to find and attract the perfect wife? Read a detailed description of each issue below.


What are Russian dating sites and which girls do they offer?


Dating sites have existed since the creation of the Internet. These are special platforms, similar to social networks, but with a certain set of functions. Their goal is to help people find their soulmate. The successful outcome of this method of dating was confirmed many times. Studies show that 15% of Americans met through similar services. By the way, about half of these couples found love in another country.


The reasons that make men register on dating sites can be different. For example, the lack of decent brides in the location of residence, the desire to live in Russia and have a wife there, or the attraction to Slavic girl. Anyway, this is the most convenient and affordable way to meet Russian women.


So let's talk about the services and advantages of dating agencies.


  1. Comfortable use. Dating sites offer a simple and intuitive interface. The registration process is quick and easy. Platforms have a wide range of functions for a convenient and interesting chat.

  2. Affordable prices. Agencies require a fee to send messages to Russian brides and use the features offered. Customers can choose from several packages of different prices from $10 to $100.

  3. A large base of real Russian girls. Prestigious dating sites have a huge number of beautiful brides. They also strictly monitor account verification to eliminate the possibility of creating a fake profile.

  4. Function for attracting brides. Websites care for men to find love. They provide clients with services including auto-translator and video chat for comfortable communication, gifts, etc. to create a good impression.

  5. Blogs and helpful articles. Most dating sites have a special blog or section with helpful tips on how to quickly and effectively attract a girl.


Dating agencies give access to Russian mail order brides. This term sounds a little rough, but it shows the essence well. Girls are presented in a catalog where a man can choose one and "order" to his home. It should be noted that a woman can’t be bought. Only communication, compliments, gifts and similar can make a girl agree to a relationship.


Why are Russian women the best wives?


Many men dream of a Slavic bride. It is known that these girls have incredible beauty and a big heart. These are real ladies who know how to make a man happy. So why do the representatives of the stronger sex lose their breath at the sight of these girls? Let’s find out.




The most attractive thing about a girl is her personality. Russian brides are very feminine and elegant. Their kindness and tenderness are visible in every action and decision. They understand the importance of family in life and know that female responsibility is to be a loving mother and wife. A man is a leader for them.


Despite the desire to take care of the family, Russian brides want to have a career. They are independent and start working early. Almost immediately after graduation, they find a job and combine it with education. Many women succeed in their careers before getting married. Be ready that your bride wants to stay in the workplace after the wedding. However, this businesswoman will not give up household chores and childcare.


An advantage of Russian mail order wives is that they manage to do everything. Responsibility makes them think about a family, and independence requires going to work. Fortunately, they can perform both. Often they prefer to run their small business remotely and devote their free time to their children and husband.


Interesting observation, local girls mature much earlier than foreign peers. Russian parents instill discipline in their children. Beautiful Russian women are very curious and learn fast. They are erudite in various topics and can be a great helper or even a business partner to a man. Their logic is very different from how people in other countries think.




The phenomenon of Russian beauty is a world-famous fact. Typical Slavic appearance is blond or brown hair and light eyes. There are exceptions since Russia is a multinational country. Here you can meet a bride with Middle Eastern, Asian, European and even Indian roots. In general, Russian women are similar to European.


The main feature of Russian girls is their love for themselves. They always look great as they care for skin and hair. Local ladies love spa, beauty treatments, and home care creams. They keep their bodies fit and exercise regularly. Perfect makeup, manicure, and hairstyle is something that distinguishes a Russian bride. Besides, they control the cleanliness of clothes and always look expensive.


It seems they know the secret of eternal youth. Look at how prettier a Russian woman become over the years. And it's not about genetics, but about proper self-care. Brides are not afraid of cosmetic and surgical procedures to prolong beauty.

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Attitude towards marriage and family


A Russian wife is the basis of a clean house, good children and a happy husband. These brides put the family in the first place and are ready to surrender completely if necessary. They realize that this is their main responsibility. Russians raise children, not like Europeans and Americans. Basically, it’s the duty of a mother, who is gentle and demanding at the same time. Nanny is not required. Caring Russian mother pays as much attention to the baby as he needs.


Russian woman considers her husband the head and protector of the family. She is looking for a leader to follow him. If necessary, she can help and support her lover. Instead, she asks for respect and care. She is as strong as you are and wants her voice to always be heard. You shouldn’t offend her because she knows the secret of how to make her husband happy.


Let's talk about Russian businesswomen. Let's start with the fact that they are not like in America and Europe. They always have free time for family. Such a wife is rather postponed her manicure or shopping in order to spend an extra hour with the children and husband.


Local girls are very attached to their parents. Every Russian bride will be pleased if a man also shows love to her mom and dad. However, this does not mean that they put the opinion of parents above the words of their husband.


How do we choose the best Russian bride agencies?


We have selected the best dating sites based on their reputation. It's not as easy as it sounds, because the Internet is full of fake reviews. To avoid fraud, we checked the clients of the agencies and looked through their Facebook profiles for photos of a happy family. Only confirmed reviews were taken into account when making the list.


Besides, we personally tested the services of these sites including paid features and customer support. The main criteria were:


  • usability;
  • easy navigation and beautiful design;
  • quality of the services in relation to their price;
  • speed and productivity of the support team;
  • size of the catalog of Russian brides.


Fraud among dating agencies is a very important issue. This is unacceptable considering the fact that a man pays a lot of money for services of the platforms. We selected only those Russian dating websites that honestly perform their duties. They have a special verification to confirm the girl’s identity during registration. Agencies require scans of a bride's passport and compare them with the data specified in a profile. So you can’t worry about the honesty of the sites offered by us.


How to find a wife with the help of Russian agencies?


Finding a wife among thousands of Russian brides for marriage seems easy, but it’s not quite true. It is worth starting with the fact that a huge base of beauties only complicates the process. First, browsing women’s catalog and profiles can take days. Second, communicate with everyone in the hope of finding the one is not an option, especially if the messages are paid. Fortunately, there is a way out.


Dating sites offer special filters to simplify the search process. A man chooses the characteristics of the desired bride and receives only those girls who meet the requirements. The matching system takes into account the answers of women in their questionnaire. The main thing is not to demand the impossible otherwise the list of candidates can be reduced to zero.


Bride databases are available for free, but you have to pay for the messages. Here, we recommend buying a VIP package, if possible. Purchase an average or higher set of functions for comfortable communication and to attract a girl. It shows the seriousness of your intentions, good material wealth, generosity and a desire to please your loved one.


However, this isn’t all; communication is the most important thing. The main thing is not to embarrass a bride and show your best sides while chatting. Russians have a different sense of humor than Americans and Europeans, so be careful with the words. Girls love compliments. Say something good about her dress, hairstyle, skills, and hobbies. Don’t make her do a video chat, or talk about past relationships if a girl doesn’t want to. This means that she is not ready yet and needs time to get used to you.


How much does it cost to find a Russian girlfriend?


This is a very difficult question, which depends on many nuances. First, let's start with the simplest thing: a dating site and its cost. You can choose membership of any level from cheap for $10 a month to VIP for $100. Let’s consider that you choose something average for $40-$50/month. Communication with a girl can last 2-6 months before the first date in real life.


The next stage is the cost of travel, which includes the cost of air tickets, hotel, and additional expenses. Remember that a man must pay both when he comes to Russia and when she comes to his country. Don’t expect a bride to agree to get married during the first meeting in real life. Two - three trips are the minimum amount to ensure the correctness of the choice. A man must completely charm the girl during this period. Gifts, flowers, cute things, romantic dates also have a price.


The experience of men shows that Russian mail order brides cost is from $10,000 to $20,000. As you can see the fee for agency services is the smallest of expenses from the list. If luck is on your side, you will get a beautiful Russian wife in 9-12 months after registering on a dating site.


Are Russian mail order brides legal?


If you are interested in whether it is legal to use the services of dating sites and pay them money, the answer is yes. Such platforms fully meet all the requirements and rules related to the provision of services on the Internet. The agencies we offer guarantee security and confidentiality. The same applies to girls whose data is used for verification and can’t be given on to third parties. A man has access only to contact information of a bride.


Basically, this is just a base of girls with social network functions. This is allowed in every country of the world. However, agency clients must be careful not to fall for scammers. Dating sites are not responsible for the illegal actions of users. Read Terms and Conditions of a platform to know all the details. The support team is also always ready to help you and answer any questions.


Little known facts about mail order wives


This term was known in the 19th century. Women from European and African countries came to America to marry a local rich man. These were mostly brides from poor families who dream of living in a luxurious life.


Nowadays, the concept has changed a bit. Modern women are independent and don’t need marriage for money. They, the same as men, are looking for love abroad. The reasons for this may be different, for example, the absence of promising candidates in the home country. Interesting fact, in Russia, there are more women than men. Poor beauties have no choice but to look for a husband among foreigners.